About Us

Who we are.

We are a collective of partners and friends with a combined 50+ years of beverage and hospitality experience. Our passion stems from our people. We blend our strengths, combining our business experience and creative minds to better the wellness of ourselves and our community.

What we believe.

We believe in creating tranquility and wellness in not just our products but within our collective. This starts with treating our customers like family. We strive to help every individual reach their full potential by promoting relaxation and relief. The collective focuses on adaptation and consistent innovation to improve quality of life. By enacting environmentally friendly policies and sustainable practices within our business, we believe in providing a better world for future generations.

Our vision.

We don't want to become the product you use. We want to be the collective you love. Our success is your wellness. That's why we take pride in the beverage you enjoy by carefully selecting natural, high-quality ingredients and use third-party, independent testing on every batch we make.