Lab Results

Our promise of transparency.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our product, and that's why we provide independent third-party lab results for each batch. You can feel confident in your purchase by checking out the latest results. Look for the batch number on the bottom of the can and match it below.

JoyFace Collective Peach

 Batch  Lab Result
21001  Batch 21001
21004  Batch 21004

Batch 22004, Micro 



JoyFace Collective Lemon-Lime

 Batch  Lab Result
21002  Batch 21002

 Batch 21003


 Batch 21005


JoyFace Collective Curious D8 Pineapple Passion-fruit

 Batch  Lab Result
21006  Batch 21006
22003 Batch 22003, Micro


JoyFace Collective Curious D8 Raspberry Blackberry

 Batch  Lab Result
22003  Batch 22003, Micro